Sedley Court, Malta Road, Cambridge, CB1 3LW

t- 01223 411636

e- info@pata-cake.co.uk


Welcome to Patacake Day Nursery

'We aim to provide each child with the knowledge that he or she is surrounded by caring adults, in a safe, stimulating  environment and happy alternative to home'


Since opening in 1983, we have been committed to providing flexible, affordable, quality childcare to all families needing alternative day care for their children. We believe play is where the learning starts. We aim to help children not only learn about themselves but also gain the ability to socialise with others and feel part of a group. Also encouraging the development of practical and social skills at a speed to suit each child.


We aim to give every child the opportunity to mix with other children. To learn to give and take. To work in harmony with others. To exchange information and to experience positive relationships outside their immediate family, in a well ordered, calm, friendly atmosphere with supportive adults close at hand.


We strive to provide an ever changing, stimulating environment where children can learn the joy of discovery. This is achieved with a constant change of interesting subjects and activities to stimulate their natural inclination to explore.


We recognise that all children are individuals and take great care to accommodate their differences.


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