Sedley Court

t- 01223 411636

e- info@pata-cake.co.uk


Cockcroft Hall

t -01223 315815

e- patacake.cockcroft@gmail.com

Welcome to Cockroft Hall

The nursery is registered to care for 26 children aged two to five years. Working alongside the Nursery Manager is a team of five staff with a wide variety of qualifications, skills and experience.


The nursery at Cockcroft Hall is based in one large hall. All the activities takeplace here. Careful consideration has been given to create a welcoming, friendly feel to the area. The main hall leads out to a garden that contains a playhouse, safety surface area, planting area, access to bikes and cars and construction equipment.


Patacake Cockcroft Hall is open from 8.30am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday for 50 weeks per year. At Cockcroft Hall we offer an extended hours service with an early drop off at 8.15am or a late collection at 4.30pm at an extra charge.  


Please refer to the Parents Information page for more information on our nursery closures.


The Nursery day is divided into three sessions. Morning, lunch and afternoon. Parents may book any combination of sessions.