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Acorns Room and Ducklings Room


The baby area is divided into two rooms. There is a quiet room where the children can have quiet play and can be settled to sleep. The children have their own cot for the day so blankets and comforters from home can be made available to create a more familiar, homely environment.

In the Activity room, the children have a wide range of play equipment and a large baby gym. This is also where the planned activities take place, such as sand and water play, parachute and music sessions, sensory activities and painting. This leads to an enclosed garden with sensory planting and a safety surface play space.  



Squirrels and Ladybirds


The Squirrels Room is for the youngest toddlers and The Ladybirds is for the oldest toddlers within the group. An interlocking door between the classrooms offers the opportunity for the ages to come together at certain times of the day for mixed age activities. These rooms have a self-contained toilet block adjoining the Classrooms and are linked by a large garden area with a covered play space providing opportunities for an extensive, all year round outdoor curriculum, including a mud kitchen play area.



Rainbow Room and Sunshine Room


These groups provide education and childcare for children in the last year before they attend reception class at school. Both rooms have been designed to meet the needs of the oldest children in the Nursery.  A large garden area adjoining each classroom provides the opportunity for a free-flow indoor and outdoor curriculum. The children have their own planting area where they grow vegetables and herbs for their cooking activities and a mud kitchen play area.


Please note: we provide all snacks and drinks but not meals. Parents/Carers are asked to provide packed lunch.

Patacake Sedley Court is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday for 50 weeks per year. Please refer to the Parents Information page for the nursery closure dates.


'We offer parents a unique booking structure. Parents book the hours they require (within our opening times and in 15 minute slots). Once confirmed by the Nursery, these become your child's 'fixed' hours. Your weekly fee will then be calculated from these fixed hours.'


The Nursery is divided into three units for 116 children aged six months to five years old.

Welcome to Sedley Court

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